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Oakwood Beach Neighbors Unite

Hurricane Sandy

Residents living in the Oakwood Beach neighborhood of Staten Island are only too familiar with flooding, after all it is a flood zone (Zone A) . Unfortunately , their greatest fears came true with Hurricane Sandy. At a recent community meeting held at St. Christopher’s School on Monday eve before Thanksgiving, it was stated that […]

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


Street after street , the community of New Dorp Beach, adjacent to the now infamous Miller Field, looked like a war zone. With tattered homes, piles of debris, bulldozers and sanitation trucks, we realized that we weren’t going to find the group we had planned to meet. So instead, we quickly found a local church […]

New Day Web Series: Surviving Sandy with Dignity


The New Day web series aims to tell the story of survival for Staten Island’s Hurricane Sandy evacuees and brings to light the factors that brought us here.  A team of young reporters and community activists embark on a fact finding mission which includes interviews with Staten Island’s Sandy survivors, volunteers, elected officials and community […]

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