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Be Inspired by Pope Francis and Help Refugees Fleeing War

Join us, the Sister to Sister Project, of Staten Island Community Partnership and New Direction Services, in collecting donations and linking up with organizations on the ground assisting refugees in Germany and throughout the European Union. Be inspired by the words of Pope Francis, spurred by the recent tragedy of three year old Syrian refugee, Aylan Kurdi…

“Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing war, death, and hunger, who are on their way toward life’s hope, the Gospel calls us to be near to the smallest and abandoned,” Pope Francis

The global community is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. Over 350,000 migrants arrived at the European Union’s borders between January and August 2015, as per the International Organization for Migration. Eurostat, estimates the number to be more and climbing, with 662,000 people applied for asylum in the EU in 2014. We are focusing on connecting with organizations in Germany, which  is accepting the most refugees than any other nation.

We see a need and feel inspired by Pope Francis. We have collective experiences which will promote accountability and integrity. We have personal experiences which can aid in this crisis…relief efforts during Super Storm Sandy, feeding needy families and seniors, providing resources to unemployed through the Suit Up network, and advocating for many Staten Islanders human rights during the Ebola scare and needs of many Africans with relatives in west Africa, particularly Liberia. Staten Island has the largest Liberian population outside of Liberia and was greatly affected by the Ebola epidemic.

We are accepting personal hygiene products, children school supplies and backpacks at this time.Both New Direction Services and Staten Island Community Partnership are 501 c 3  registered not-for profit organizations and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Monetary donations are also appreciated to offset the cost of shipping, storage and operational support.

If you would like to make an appointment to drop off donations, please call us at: 347-746-9391 or Contact us by email. Volunteers and groups are welcome to join in this effort. Thank you.

Read More and the Video of Pope Francis calling on Catholics in Europe to help.

Send to :

Staten Island Community Partnership

c/o Reformed Church on S.I.

54 Port Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10302



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