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Help Reduce Hunger, Isolation and Unemployment for Staten Island Seniors

St Vincents seniors Oct 2015With your support, we can Reduce Hunger, Isolation and Unemployment by contributing¬† to SICP’s S.I. Culinary work’s Fresh & Fabulous Luncheons., feeding Staten Island’s low-income seniors with dignity. We provide freshly prepared meals ( not canned or processed foods) to low income seniors in a restaurant-style setting with an on-site chef and inter-generational interns as part of the S.I. Culinary Works Program, in partnership with New Direction Services. Donate Today and your donation is tax deductible – S.I. Community Partnership is a registered 501c 3 not for profit organization.

Since 2014, we have served approximately 400 seniors per month and over 20,000 meals. We provide monthly and bi-monthly meals at several low income senior housing developments and need your support to continue this program. Our guests, ‘seniors’ are treating to a fresh organic salad, a freshly prepared entree and veggie side dishes, an assortment of fresh fruit and dessert, water and juice. A second serving to eat-in or to go is also provided to our guests. This provides a healthy meal and social interaction with peers and the S.I. culinary team. The luncheons promote social engagement for our guests and it has been proven that this improves the mental and physical health of seniors.

Senior at St VicentsThe S.I. Culinary works team consisting of a trained cook, program coordinator and interns. Our interns are comprised of active seniors and disadvantaged youth. This program provides an opportunity to gain job, social, leadership and team building skills as interns prep, prepare and serve guests. It promotes inter-generational learning and employment for low income seniors and youth.

Another benefit of this program is employment to both active seniors and youth. We provide stipends to low income seniors who are part of the S.I. Culinary team and hope to provide more employment opportunities to active seniors whom are in need of employment. As seniors face age discrimination in the workplace and depleted savings, employment needs are growing.

This program also provide employment and community service to youth.Recently, SICP hosted 13 youth at our site, the historic Reformed Church on Staten Island, as part of New York City’s DYCD’s Youth Employment program, providing¬† job skills and an inter-generational experience.group at St Vincents Oct 2015

City Limit’s article titled,Concerns About Seniors’ Hunger and Low Savings, highlights the need for nutritional meal and the lack of savings which demonstrates the growing needs of seniors in New York City.

Adequate nutrition is particularly important for seniors because the impact of an insufficient diet on health can be costly and devastating. Malnutrition makes seniors more likely to suffer from diabetes, depression, limitations on activities of daily living, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, gum disease, and asthma, according to the National Council on Aging, and seniors who skip meals may become light-headed, increasing their chances of a fall. Providing meals and food support is much less costly than potential hospitalization or nursing home care, which in New York City averages over $100,000 a year.

Please Show Your Support and make a Donation during this Holiday Season- All donations are tax deductible. If you prefer to mail your donation, please send and make your contribution payable to: Staten Island Community Partnership, Inc c/o Reformed Church on Staten Island, 54 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10302. Happy Holidays and Thank you for Your Support


Support Fresh & Fabulous Luncheons with S.I. Culinary Works- Tackling Hunger & Unemployment

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