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Refresh Your Resume & Create Your Personal Brand

Helping Staten Island’s Unemployed- Free Summer Career Workshop aims to Refresh Your Resume & Create Your Personal Brand on Tuesday, July 22nd at St. George Library

 The Suit Up Network, a program of Staten Island Community Partnership (SICP), provides resources and support to empower unemployed Staten Islanders and any Career Minded Staten Islander looking to succeed in one’s job search and career.  The upcoming Career Workshop, titled, Refresh Your Resume & Create Your Personal Brand, is the final in a series of workshops offered this summer at the St. George Library from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., 25 Central Avenue, Staten Island, NY.

Two dynamic speakers, Victoria Popp of Jobs-Plus and Marilyn Zayfert of Illuminet Digital Marketing,  will share their resume and branding expertise  and participants are encouraged to bring their resume for immediate feedback.

Victoria Popp is the Employment Coordinator for the Jobs-Plus, a program of the national workforce program, ResCare Workforce. The Jobs-Plus program is designed to assist residents in NYC Housing Authority developments in obtaining training, financial counseling and employment as well as other resources they may need. She is responsible for recruiting employers and making connections to assist those clients in gaining employment.  She also assists clients to update their resumes and has 7 years of experience.  She conducts industry sector seminars to train for job opportunities.

Since October 2013, SICP’s Suit Up Network has served approximately 100 clients from the Jobs –Plus program hosted two Suit Up events at the offices of Jobs-Plus in St. George. ResCare has partnered with Staten Island Community Partnership’s Suit Up Network to assist clients with interview clothing.

Marilyn Zayfert is President of IllumiNet Digital Marketing, specializing in digital strategy, branding, social media and content management. She is also the founder and Executive Editor of Staten Island NYC Living, which is a Realtime online local news provider. She has over 15 years experience in sales, marketing and management. She served as a Senior Account Manager with Roche Diagnostics and launched their most successful brand and part of the development team for AccuData. Marilyn has experience conducting corporate and employee trainings and is a former teacher, with NYC Board of Education. She currently is a contributor to Social Media News, NYC and the Social Media Coordinator/Board of Advisors for the U.S. National Lighthouse Museum.

The Suit Up Network is a program of Staten Island Community Partnership (SICP) which assists unemployed men, women and youth with business clothing and career development support services.  We are made up of professionals and business sharing knowledge and support to help you succeed in your career.  Our services to unemployed Staten Islanders and victims of Superstorm Sandy are free.

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