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S.I. Culinary Works

Youth participants of the S.I. Culinary Works Program.

Youth participants of the S.I. Culinary Works Program.

The Staten Island Culinary Works Program aims to reduce hunger, provide access to ‘real’ food and job training for disadvantaged youth and ‘active’ senior citizens. We prepare ‘real’ whole food (not processed), that is healthy and flavorful, to low income seniors and families throughout Staten Island. Our approach focuses on access to quality food and to opportunities for employment and skill building.

We introduce youth and seniors to the field of culinary arts and hospitality. They gain skills in food safety, food preparation, customer and hospitality services. In addition, it is an inter-generational experience which promotes socialization, leadership, organizational and team building skills.

S.I. Culinary work participants receive job readiness services as part of the Suit Up Network program. This includes, interview appropriate clothing; resume and interview prep; mentoring; career development workshops; internship opportunities and job referrals. Program participants receive free training and a stipend. We offer catering and employment opportunities and hope to expand this program to serve more Staten Islanders.roxy and friend at st vincents manor

We provide cooking demonstrations and nutritional education with our community partner New Direction services, a local food pantry with an emphasis on real and locally grown food for anyone in need.  Attendees enjoy healthy food and learn about how to create healthy, economical and flavorful recipes. We offer catering services and fundraising  cooking classes also.

The Staten Island Culinary works in partnership with New Direction Services has served over 4,000 low income senior since 2014, with post Super Storm Sandy funding promoting food security. Immediately following Super storm Sandy in October 2012, We provided food to north shore senior citizens and families neglected by many of the relief efforts.


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